What if being kind could change everything?

Let me take you on a journey into your heart.. ‘no,  no stop’  you say ‘that’s a little intense Josie!! My heart is sealed and safe from everything and anyone to enter!! Only I decide what and who goes in or out and that’s that’. 

And that’s exactly the problem my love: somewhere long the road of life you silently or indeed very loudly decided to lock your heart safely away from the dangers of the world. Not only locked with a key- you BOLTED IT. To. Keep.You.Safe.

So now you think your in a space where no-one can ever hurt you again. However in doing so you shut out not only the pain and the sadness you shut yourself down from ANYTHING at all to penetrate. Including LOVE and PASSION and GOOD VIBES and FUN TIMES. 

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. You say

YES YES YES your heart screams. 

‘Ok. What now then?’

Tighten your seat belt your in for the ride..

And so NOW the story truly begins:

Let me take you on a journey into your heart.. Feeling, sensing, seeing, breathing all there is. All the colours of the rainbow gently shining through all of your 50 trillion cells, all the fresh new energy gently soothing away the old pain.. heat, coldness an almost tingling sensation at times running up and down your spine as we start this process of unravelling, detaching, releasing and EASING into you. 

This goes on for a while. One day you come to me finally slightly more at peace with it all saying ’ I can really feel it working Josie now Im ready to go deeper’ and I ask you as always ‘YOU SURE?’ knowing full well your answer is always the same; ‘Hell yeah Im with you  ALL THE WAY%’. 

And so we journey down again… each time dancing with life, opening softening, forgiving, loving a little more a little more compassionately. Colours come and go, breathes releasing and easing. Mind open, body calm.. 

And right there when you think you have it all figured out an energy flows through you so Goddamn strong you fear your heart may break wide open. 

‘What about NOW’ I ask you gently; ‘You still ready for more?’

There in amongst the years of lock and key and bolting up, coping and trying to move on up there it is. The YOU that’s been hiding so scared to get hurt. Finally there right in the centre of your heart ready to MEET the world with open heart and soft mind, arms behind your back, heart guiding and cheering you on. 

Only this time we will walk in beauty, this time we will remember that kindness overrules all. 

What my love, if being kind to YOU could change everything?

Live each day, each moment each breathe asking your self what’s the kindest thing I can do, think, and be right now. 

Try it for at least 30days let it be your mantra and see where it takes you. I promise your bound to open up places and spaces inside you you have not met for a while. I cannot say it will be easy, however I CAN say it will be the most transformational thing you ever did for yourself and THROUGH that action you will become an even kinder version of yourself towards everyone else. 

Do it for YOU. But also do it for the WORLD a little bit too;)

All my love to you 

xxx Josephine

“When The Unlovable Starts Loving”

That voice inside your head stopping you from going to that party/interview/family get together/ adventure travel? Telling you AGAIN that you wont make it because your not good/wise/loveable/beautiful/old/young/skinny/fat etc etc enough?
When we get right down to the bones of things we can say that in life we are either moving out of fear or out of love/desire… 
We can seemingly live perfectly “happy” lives continuing our running away from or towards something. However! If you are driven by fear (like most of us) you will burn out!! And it is not a question of how but only when! 
If I was to tell you right now that there is another way to live your life. A way that involves living in alignment with your true nature. That allows you to choose and make every day one where you feel more content and more in control of your own happiness and destiny. What would you say?“Hell Yeah!!! Give me some of that please!! With some extra joy on top please”????
Great! Then hear me out:
Since the day you were conceived- not just born- YOU were brought here to DELIVER and EXPERIENCE love through all level of existence: Spirituallymentallyemotionally physicallyThrough ALL of your senses a constant stream of PRESENCE is constantly being brought to you, moving through you. This is the energy of light and love. 
“Ok”? you say. “And just what do I do with this information”?
If you allow yourself- at least for amoment- to fully embrace this fact:“I was born to deliver and experience LOVE through all levels of existence”
Perhaps even say it a few times out loud!!!
Notice how this makes you feel.
How does your skin feel as you say these words? How do your hips feel?How does your heart and your gut feel?
Announce them even louder!!!!
Then close your eyes and place your hands onto your belly.
Breathe. Repeat. Breathe. Repeat.
“I was born to deliver and experience LOVE through all level of existence”
Then gently open your eyes and notice if something has shifted? Perhaps there is a little peace and calmness in the mind? Perhaps there is a deep sense of RECOGNITION and resonance in the heart?
“But how do I hold onto this feeling”? you may ask! “Life is SUPER busy and my brain is CONSTANTLY buzzing me around like a bee!”
The truth is your mind is only repeating what ever it has heard before! So for years your brain has circulated and recycled the same words! Words that may well only ever have been spoken once in your lifetime!!! And very likely those words werent even “really” meant for you… lets take a closer look:
Your parents are facing financial difficulties and start arguying alot. You as a little child wonder into one of these arguments and both your parents stop and look angrily at you while they shout:“Why cant you just leave us alone”!?Now you as an adult understands that those hurtful words were just another by product of your parents exhaustion and desperation. That it had absolutely nothing to do with them not loving or caring about you or anything along those lines!!!
However your inner child got deeply wounded and consciously or subconsciously chose to repeat those words well up until THIS MOMENT: “Why cant YOU just leave us alone= I am Unlovable = I am worthless = I should stay away = I am a worry and burden to everyone around me…. etc etc
Now repeat your newly heard words again:“I was born to DELIVER and EXPERIENCE Love though all levels of existence”
Write them down and place them on your mirror, by your bed, in your purse, in your notebook, on your tshirt, as a post it…. whereever and whatever takes your fancy!!!
Allow these new words to be what fuels your life. Allow yourself to experience moving from a place of LOVE and see what happens…
Next time something triggers you, stop for a moment, close your eyes, feel your heart and repeat these words again and again.
What you are doing is creating new pathways in the brain. You are actually creating a new reality for yourself!!!:))))
“That sounds like hard work” you may think?Well, you have been exhausting yourself by repeating negative statements about yourself for eons so perhaps putting in a little effort towards a MAGNIFICENT, BRIGHT and F* AWESOME future where YOU feel full of energy and love, excitement and enthusiasm about yourself, others and life?!!!
Surely thats worth it;)!!!
Time to stop that eternal internal negative chatter.Time to live freely and fully. Time to MOVE from Love.
You become LOVABLE the day YOU start LOVING, HOURNERING and CELEBRATING yourself.
When does that day come? Thats up to you;)!!!

My Yoga Story

 At the age of 12 I was a promising student at The Royal Danish Ballet. Every day I woke up thanking God that I had been chosen to do this wonderful job. However due to the high performance pressure every time we had a day off or even worse  an entire week/month i would mentally completely beat myself up for NOT staying in shape and keeping up my level.This inner turmoult sent waves of self destruction through me and I was impossible to be around. At the height of this I “fell” over an article in my mums magazine about something called Power Yoga. I immediately LOVED the word power so called them up pretending to be older than I was so I could attend the class. I went that very day and actually felt really bored during the practice however when we reached Shavasana (corpse pose) something happened!! A weird sense of relaxation mixed with this loud voice saying: “It is OK to just BE. You are loved always have been and always will be” It had such a profound effect on me I didnt want to leave that space!!! And in that moment I knew that one day I would be that teacher helping others to find their space. It was as if everything else: peoples opinions, the strict expectations, the pressure of it all vanished as I lay there. There was just breathe and flow. 

Throughout my entire dancing & modelling career yoga was always my salvation it was the ONE place where I could retreat to and reconnect to my true identity which is love. Unconditional love to myself and everyone else. 

So today when I come to class and I feel people competing Im always sad!!! This is the safe space I wanna shout!!! Do this for YOU and forget about anyone else!!!!

Yoga has given me so much and continues to open my heart and mind in ways I once would never have been able to imagine. 

Without Yoga I would still have been shouting horrible words at myself and the waves of self destruction would have been unbearable for myself as well as others.

Yoga is there for you and me and everyone for now and ever… If you want it!

Love xxx Josephine

“How to Spring Clean”

Spring is finally here!! It’s the time of year when the days get warmer and longer by the minute. When the daffodils and bluebells are having a ball and the birds seem to chirp even sweeter than ever…And its SUCH a contrast to what we just came from : winter is a time where we draw in and down. Where we contemplate the year gone by and store energy by stilling our body and mind.

Instead we are now embarking on a new and entirely different kind of journey as the energy is now an upward and outward pull towards a brighter future full of sunshine and vibrant vitality. But before we can fly we must learn how to walk. We must prepare the foundation for the next ahead by simply creating space…and thats excatly what doing a Spring Clean is all about. Just as our ancesters did we now naturally feel an URGE to clean our houses, dust the cobwebs away and let the light shine in. We throw out the old flowers and bring new ones back from the forrest or garden.We may even go through our wardrobes and go out and buy some new clothes which reminds us that summer and GOOD things are coming our way:) But how about our bodies and minds? Dont they also deserve a little TLC? The best way to get ready for a new season , which essentially symbolises new beginnings, is to take some time out for YOU. Yes you heard me; by getting some much needed YOUTIME a new flow of energy arises. But dont worry I’m with you all the way and here is how it is done:

Simply sit down and honour what took place for you during the winter. A powerful, nourishing ritual is to follow the 3 steps below. All you will need is a pen, paper and matches. 

1 Write down a list of anything you would like to let go of

2 Write down another list of everything you feel grateful for

3 Finally write down what you would like to bring in

Now take list nr 1 with you outdoors and announce loudly and proudly: “I NOW RELEASE MY PAST”, then either tear it apart with your hands or simply set fire to it (cautiously of course). As the old disperses into ashes feel yourself feeling lighter and more spacious as you have conciously released what is no longer serving you.

Then pick up list nr 2 and confidently announce: “I ATTRACT ONLY POSITIVE PEOPLE PLACES AND SPACES AND THIS IS MY TESTIMENT” then continue to slowly read out loud everything you feel grateful for, feeling and sensing what this does to your innerself as you do so.

Feel free to hang this on your wall to remind yourself of your own power to create your desired reality.

Finally take list nr 3 and place it onto your heart. Close your eyes and really allow all these new energies to sink in. Feel that every single thing you wrote down here is already inside of you like little seeds starting to sprout and grow. Blossoming inside of you. Take a deep breathe in holding your intention for your spring chapter and as you exhale feel your wishes flying out in all directions carried by the winds to each and every corner of the world. Bringing you back what you need the most…

After this you can either “plant” the list into the fresh soil visualising you planting your intentions into mother earth: “ I NOW PLANT THE SEED OF…. (your 1st,2ndetc wish) 


You can place it underneath your bed cushion. Relaxing into the comfort of knowing that you have set the tone for the spring ahead and that every night and day the universe is working to bring into your being what you asked for.

Whether you follow my suggestions or create your own completely unique Spring Clean rituals make sure you do something! Even just 15 mins is enough! What matters is that YOU decide to take ACTION! Remember that in the end of the day the only one that truly knows what is right for you is YOU. YOU are the only one that can make YOU happy;)

If your ready to take the next step and leap into spring be sure to tune into my “Spring Clean” workshop with www.yogaia.com where we unite detoxifying yoga asanas with powerful mantras to create our wonderful future together!! Remember to use my FREE code JOSEPHINEYOGAIA for 30 FREE access to all classes:)

Finally your always welcome to contact me for a personal “Spring Clean” session. Check out Jane’s experience here: “How Josie Healed My House”

With all my love for your souls evolution,

                                                         XXX Josephine 

“Clear Your Home Heal Your Life” - How and why to clear your home

Wherever we go we leave energy trails behind us. Whoever and whatever we connect with (material things, places and spaces people etc) are touched by our energy and state and so are we of theirs. This is one of the reasons why I truly believe in the power of clearing your house: over time all these energies build up and get stocked (becomes stagnant) especially in hidden, small spaces such as corners and underneath beds, inside clutted cupboads and in the deserted basement or storage space. As well as in all the belongings that no longer serves you such as clothes that you never wear (which may even be screaming “I LOVE this dress but I hate the way it makes me look, or “I feel guilty everytime I look at those shoes knowing I spent a fortune on them and yet they are just too high….. etc etc). By surrouding your self with objects that are not making your heart sing with JOY and selflove everytime you look at them, every time you open the door to your home you are basically doing quite the opposite: you are allowing your belongings to OWN you! You are allowing your home to DRAIN your energy instead of UPLIFTING, NOURISH and RESTORE you! This is why making time for a house clearing is one of the most wonderful, invigorating and loving things you can do for yourself and others! As you are letting go of old stuff you are basically telling the Universe: this is who I am now! And everytime you enter into your house WHEREVER your eyes fall you will be reflected by LOVE and Gratitude towards your beautiful home which you yourself created! You are basically sending out the vbration of self love and self care: “I LOVE myself therefore I take care of my home and surround myself purely with objects people, places and spaces that fully SUPPORTS and uplifts me!! On a practical level what we do together as I visit you is that we work with cleansing energetic frequentlies that may be holding onto the belongings that you want to keep but that are essential bringing you down. We do this together through Sounds, Smudging and Prayers! It is important for me that You understand that I act as a vessel for the highest energies which are always Love and Light. I come to Inspire and Empower YOU This is your journey and by the end of the session it is fully because of YOU that the energies have shifted. I like to think of house clearings as the end of an exhalation: If we do not exhale if we are too afraid to let go we will eventually be overwhelmed and literally explode from taking on too much- from other people from objects, places and spaces. However when we Decide to TRUST and let go of that breathe (including everything it brought with it) we create empty, fertile space for new, loving positives energies to enter, flow and grow. I have been working with energy since I was a child as my mother is a true Earth angel who devoted her life to love and heal the planet. She did so in a free flowing way never making anything too serious but rather just by BEING. She inspired me to live my life to the fullest always following my heart and really trusting my intuition which is one of my strongest gifts. My mother frequently showed me how to clear our house by systematically however in a fun and loving way let go of the old to bring in the new. She told me how to pray but more than anything she taught me how to Love.  

The Healing Power Of Sound & How To Harness It!

In Ubud, Bali i recently had the huge pleasure of experiencing the wonderful sound healer Shervin Boloorian and his group. Outdoors in a beautiful wooden yoga shala about 100 of us were lying on the floor, covered by blankets, taking in the medicine of our sound journey. Sometimes we would sing with them sometimes we would just ease into a state of deep relaxation as they found their way through and in between us, playing their sacred instruments, praying or singing. It all became a blur of colours and feelings, thoughts coming and going moving in and out. The pauses, spaces in between, became more and more frequent and my mind finally started to surrender into this serene and surreal experience. I was just allowing it all to happen. I felt my heart gently whispering; trust, trust trust. And then suddenly it was all over- when i thought it had been 20mins it turned out we had been going for over 2hrs! What happened i thought?! As we all started to return back into the room the whole atmosphere had changed into an energy of deep sincerity and compassion. People were hugging, gently nodding.. some just sat in beautiful stillness eyes still shut. “This is it”echoed my heart. This is what we all have the capacity and ability to consciously create and experience. As a collective as well as an individual. This is peace. This is love. So! You may think this is all good and well but how do I a regular, sceptical person living in the big hub of busy citylife really understand or even try to incorporate this into my own life? For me the answer is simple. Sound is an energy ie it has frequency. And frequency is something we can measure! This all of a sudden turns something that can sound (hehe!) esoteric into science!! This means we can actually come to know the different frequencies that we surround ourselves with daily: of the wind as it blows the leaves around, the ocean as it hits the shore, the fire as it crackles, the stones as they rub against one another….. And then lets imagine that we can create our own sounds using either instruments or our voice to match those exact same frequencies. What we have then is instant healing sounds that we can download onto our phones and use anywhere- even on the tube. Now how cool would it be if we knew what frequency the heart has you could be asking? Well the awesome news is we do!!! Our heart resonates on the frequency of 432 this is incredible knowledge as this means by listening to sounds that has that similar vibration (frequency) we are now able to bring harmony back into our heart!!!! Moreover, and this really blew my mind hence why i am BEYOND excited about sharing this with you right now: Shervin says that out of ALL of the possible sounds that we can create through instruments or digital music the most healing sound for us humans to be exposed to is still the sound of the HUMAN VOICE!!!! How incredible is this!!! And so i found myself a few days ago telling my friend that my next blog would be about the healing powers of sound and then that very day i was told by two different people about the youtube clip of a young man chanting a huge OM to his little baby who then falls asleep straight away is if by magic!!! The truth is sound has since the beginning of time, in all traditions played a huge role especially in the stories about our creation how it all started: the Christians have the WORD, the Yogi’s the OM, the scientists the BIG BANG and so it continues. Furthermore what is also such an important factor of why sound really works is that it works on a level where the brain cant get in the way; by the time the sound has travelled into your system it has already done its healing job before the mind had the chance to interfere by telling its opinion about the sound!!! I use alot of sound as part of my intuitive healing sessions and i love them more and more for every day that goes by knowing that whether my client truly believes in the same ways that i see the world or not, the sounds are always there doing their incredible work. If you would like to experience Shervin have a look on his website:   


He will also be touring around Europe this summer and im planning to run a workshop with him in august so be sure to check out my website if your interested:


And for the chanting man youtube link see: 


        With Love and Light, 

                                                          xxx Josie

Why creating morning rituals is important & 5steps to everyday happiness

Every morning when i wake up i immediately feel a sense of renewed energy and gratitude for my life. However through the years of living and travelling with many different people ive come to
notice that this is really not the same
for everyone…
The magic of the morning is very simple:
its the first energy you connect with and its almost child like-it’s got an innocent, playful quality and the more you are able
to tap into this the easier your day will flow:
its like putting down the foundation stone for the rest of your day ahead.
So whether your a rockstar yogi morning person or looking for a little inspiration ive put together a few key steps here that will all make sure you not only wake up and go but that your mornings become so deliciously enjoyable that you are able to “stay in flow”;)

 1 Set your alarm 15 mins earlier-
the extra 15mins sleep wont make you feel less tired however 15mins of extra YOUtime will start your day off in a feeling of abundance and by that you are telling yourself and the universe:
I am worthy of my time! I delicate time just for me as my wellbeing is just as important
as everyone else’s. 

 2 Have break fast slowly!
I truly believe we do have to break the fast we did over night and nourish our bodies for the day ahead- your mind may know that not much is asked of you in terms of physical activity today, however our bodies are still super primal and the minute you leave your house it will be looking out for dangers so make sure it starts out in a way that makes you feel looked after and cared for:) Take your time preparing and eating your breakfast: experiment with creating something super yummie and notice how you will look forward to getting up in the morning! Make a smoothie/juice/english breakfast whatever you fancy! Main thing is that by enjoying a well attended and intended morning meal you immediately put your body (and your most thankful nervous system!) into a state of feeling safe: It is safe to be me!

 3 Move your body and centre your awareness
As we wake up after many hours of stillness the body may feel sluggish and down in energy and the mind may still be half in dream land…
Start to get your prana (life force) going by doing some light movement- whatever you like: Yoga! Dance to your favourite music! Sing! Skip! Whatever gets your heart going and keeps your lips smiling:) 

 4 Get fresh air& daylight
Especially for those of us living in a big city where most offices dont have windows that can open which means we are literally breathing in air thats been circulated several times before it even hits our lungs!
It is SO important to get fresh air! Think about it: the first thing we do as we enter into this earth life is we INHALE, the last thing we do as we leave this body is we EXHALE. Without breathe we are NOT able to live! We can live for weeks without food, days without water but we can not live, not even for one hour without breath!!
The more we take conscious deep breaths the more we basically feed our cells and our nervous system with fresh new
energy allowing our minds to clear and our bodies to detoxify!
Daylight! Not only to up our vitamin D doses but really because we are constantly and intimately connected to our surroundings; Nature has an incredibly healing effect on our mind, body and soul. Have a look at this Japanese research showing just how important it is to take walks in nature: http://www.hphpcentral.com/article/forest-bathing An easy way to make sure you get enough is to walk to work or at least part of your way to and from work- in this way your getting your good fresh air and daylight doses before the day has even really begun and anything extra you may get during your day is an added bonus- PLUS you may be able to reduce your gym membership as you upping your daily step milage;) 

 5 See(s) your day
As you go about your morning rituals
(shower getting clothed etc) ran a quick internal video of your day ahead and see yourself enjoying accomplishing every single task you have set yourself
for example:
arriving early and relaxed
having a innovative and positive talk with your colleagues
spending time connecting to yourself by taking a walk or doing a little meditation during your lunch break
enjoying your lunch!!!
feeling inspired during your afternoon meeting
leaving work with a sense of fulfilment and purpose knowing you have done your very best and that this is ALWAYS more than enough! Walking part of the way home to enjoy more fresh air and have a little Youtime before engaging with your friends family or partner
spending your evening in a wonderful tranquil manner
going to bed feeling loved and safe. 

Most importantly: create sacred rituals that brings you a sensation of feeling AMAZING! Of feeling LOVED, SAFE and ABUNDANT! It doesnt matter if your rituals are totally different from mine or anyone elses!! What matters is that they uplift you and that you stay true to them by dedicating time and love for them to do their magic.
In a world where most people have forgotten the importance and the healing effects of ceremonies and celebrations tune in and connect back… To where?
To YOU. 

 With Love and Light,
Yours xx Josie 

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