What if being kind could change everything?

Let me take you on a journey into your heart.. ‘no,  no stop’  you say ‘that’s a little intense Josie!! My heart is sealed and safe from everything and anyone to enter!! Only I decide what and who goes in or out and that’s that’. 

And that’s exactly the problem my love: somewhere long the road of life you silently or indeed very loudly decided to lock your heart safely away from the dangers of the world. Not only locked with a key- you BOLTED IT. To. Keep.You.Safe.

So now you think your in a space where no-one can ever hurt you again. However in doing so you shut out not only the pain and the sadness you shut yourself down from ANYTHING at all to penetrate. Including LOVE and PASSION and GOOD VIBES and FUN TIMES. 

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. You say

YES YES YES your heart screams. 

‘Ok. What now then?’

Tighten your seat belt your in for the ride..

And so NOW the story truly begins:

Let me take you on a journey into your heart.. Feeling, sensing, seeing, breathing all there is. All the colours of the rainbow gently shining through all of your 50 trillion cells, all the fresh new energy gently soothing away the old pain.. heat, coldness an almost tingling sensation at times running up and down your spine as we start this process of unravelling, detaching, releasing and EASING into you. 

This goes on for a while. One day you come to me finally slightly more at peace with it all saying ’ I can really feel it working Josie now Im ready to go deeper’ and I ask you as always ‘YOU SURE?’ knowing full well your answer is always the same; ‘Hell yeah Im with you  ALL THE WAY%’. 

And so we journey down again… each time dancing with life, opening softening, forgiving, loving a little more a little more compassionately. Colours come and go, breath releasing and easing. Mind open, body calm.. 

And right there when you think you have it all figured out an energy flows through you so Goddamn strong you fear your heart may break wide open. 

‘What about NOW’ I ask you gently; ‘You still ready for more?’

There in amongst the years of lock and key and bolting up, coping and trying to move on up there it is. The YOU that’s been hiding so scared to get hurt. Finally there right in the centre of your heart ready to MEET the world with open heart and soft mind, arms behind your back, heart guiding and cheering you on. 

Only this time we will walk in beauty, this time we will remember that kindness overrules all. 

What my love, if being kind to YOU could change everything?

Live each day, each moment each breath asking your self what’s the kindest thing I can do, think, and be right now. 

Try it for at least 30days let it be your mantra and see where it takes you. I promise your bound to open up places and spaces inside you you have not met for a while. I cannot say it will be easy, however I CAN say it will be the most transformational thing you ever did for yourself and THROUGH that action you will become an even kinder version of yourself towards everyone else. 

Do it for YOU. But also do it for the WORLD a little bit too;)

All my love to you 

xxx Josephine

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