Chakra balancing oils & crystals

I am SO happy to be able to offer these new healing oils to help you enjoy radiant health of mind body and spirit in every day life. 
As many of you know I have been studying and using Aromatherapy and Crystals since my early teens and the more I get to know them the more I believe in their extraordinary powers to promote healing and balance of the physical, energetic and mental levels of who we are. 

When we understand that EVERYTHING is energy the world takes on a whole other meaning: every thought, person and action becomes MAGIC and SACRED.
Using the ancient wisdom of the 7Chakras (energy centres within the body) as a guardian system we can truly empower ourself and balance mind body and spirit.

These are ALL hand made by me and include powerful raw natural crystals and healing essential oils. Have a read below and feel which one (or ones) speaks to your heart and soul:

Chakra 1:”Grounding” sweet almond, patchouli, sandelwood + Carnelian crystal that helps you to connect back to YOU. Good for kidneys, lungs and liver.
Chakra 2:”Flow” sweet almond, ylang ylang, bergamot + Tiger Eye crystal that gives you the confidence to flow easily with life. Good for the digistive system.
Chakra 3:”Power” sweet almond, sweet orange, geranium and lemongrass + Citrine crystal that naturally raises your self esteem. Good for overall emotional wellbeing.
Chakra 4:”Love” sweet almond, rose, sage and vanilla + Aventurine crystal which reinforces decisiveness and leadership helping you to return to Love. Good for calming anxiety and fears. 
Chakra 5:”Communication” sweet almond, eucalyptus, juniper, peppermint + Blue Lace Agate which gives a sense of courage to speak your truth. Good for strengthening the bones.
Chakra 6:”Intuition” sweet almond, organic lavender, chamomile and jasmine + Amethyst which helps to awaken creative thinking and ignite your intuition. A healing stone.
Chakra 7:”Oneness” sweet almond, palo santo, magnolia + Clear Quartz crystal that enhances your spiritual connection to the Universe: to all that exists. A beautiful potion that helps you realise that you are WHOLE. That we are all One.

All of these 7 chakra potions have a profound effect on our overall wellbeing and feeling of peace and serenity. When these 7 chakras are in balance and full alignment we feel free, guided and protected. A sense of empowerment and inspiration runs smoothly through us guiding us on our path. Every day throughout our lives. 

When using the essential oils together with these powerful crystals we create an incredibly healing potion.

Whatever it is you need to balance these beautiful aromatic potions will help you come back to YOU.

You can buy them for yourself or a friend and enjoy their healing effects 365 days a year. 

Each potion bought individually costs £28 or you can buy the full set of 7 for £140 (at £20 per bottle) which includes a unique hand written message and ritual for you to find deep inner peace. 

With love to you and your wellbeing, 

xxx Josephine

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