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Messages Of Love is a modern day tool to remembering who you truly are: LOVE.
Through a powerful collection of uplifting and inspiring channeled poems and quotes you are invited on a journey deep into the centre of your being.
You can use the book intuitively by feeling into your heart, asking a question and then opening the book at "random". Or read one page a day allowing its message to gently guide you into your natural, true state which is always love, flow and ease.
The author received these powerful messages during an 18 month journey of intense transformation, introspection, (re)discovering and reconnecting back to what truly matters: LOVE.
During this time it very quickly became clear that these messages were to be shared as an offering, a gift to humanity with the intention of enabling and empowering us all to step into the highest version of who we (already) are and who we came here to be: to step into LOVE
Is NOW your time dear heart?

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