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“Josie’s special blend of teachings are hypnotically healing for mind, body and soul. She doesn’t just lead you through the a session, she leads you on an adventure into your own brilliance.If you are interested in unleashing everything that is possible in your life, Josie is the key teammate for you. It’s not just yoga, it’s a yoga revolution!”
JudyMay Murphy, International Speaker and Success Coach

"The word ‘retreat’ is not enough to explain the experience we’ve had both individually and shared together. The enjoyment of simple moments like star gazing in a beautiful countryside garden, the taste of recipes cooked with care, the wildness to fully connect to nature through yoga - starting when its cold and foggy outside and ending with warm rays of sunshine, the appreciation of wisdom of that huge tree in the forest through a ceremony, the bravery to forgive, let go, love, give and take through spiritual journeys, the smell of aromatherapy scents and fresh flowers filling our souls, personal affirmations and aims written in a dark room lit by cosy candles, the power of laughter shared by a group of strangers that strangely turned into a lovely tribe in such short time.. An experience that is created and shared by a beautifully unique and wholeheartedly natural soul, Josephine, who touched our lives - our beginnings. And so it is."
Ezgi Erdal

"If you ask me what I do my answer is simply: I Live. Right Now. Its an honour to share my journey and experiences with YOU as you are NOW reading these lines. It is my hope that everything I can help you to find and explore within yourself will benefit not only you but everyone that YOU come into contact with. We are all woven together in this beautiful web of life and the more we become aware of our souls yearning for expression and for LOVE at all times the brighter a present and eventually a future we are collectively creating.

Take good care of yourself. You are, have always been and will always be loved."

xxx Yours,


Intuitive Healer, Public Speaker and Yoga Facilitator

As a ballet student enrolled at The Royal Danish Ballet, I early on felt a need to find a space that was just mine. Almost by accident, at the age of 12, I attended my first ashtanga vinyasa class. This turned out to be a meeting that would forever change my life; I knew from that moment that one day I would study and continue this ancient tradition somewhere, somehow. All though it took many years of denial; 7 years at The Danish Ballet, 3 years at Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance, 12 years of working as a full time dancer, model and actress travelling all around the world working with Elvis Costello, Tim Burton, Black Eyes Peas, The Kooks, iTunes, Lexus, Coca Cola etc. However, always running to the nearest yoga studio to try and connect back to my own truth in the midst of a world that was full of false hopes and distractions.

Then finally, after years of suffering from exhaustion from the pressure of the industry and a lot of self doubt I took my teacher training with The Yoga People. I slowly started to regain my own inner strength and I now do what I love for a living teaching all around our beautiful planet Mother Earth. My style draws strongly from my dance background but also infuses the yogic traditions of Meditation, Ashtanga, Yin, Rocket as well as Shamanism.
I use the classical tradition of dance mixed with the principles of Yoga in a free flowing way, allowing new shapes to take place, but also accepting and embrazing what may be found, in places hidden deep within. In a few simple words:
"The pull of gravity is a given but the dance elements are there to help lift us up and out of our comfort zone, to a place where the sky is not the limit..
I hope to inspire the joy of movement to all living beings... for us all to find our inner dancer which ever form that may be: yoga, dance, pilates, singing, painting, acting, managing, nursing, teaching, crafting etc. Anything in life can be a dance. Can be yoga. We are all gurus for one another."

I see Yoga as medicine for the body, mind and spirit and am deeply inspired in how the mind body connection can help us live more balanced life with ease and grace.
I aspire to learn from everything life brings me and am so grateful to all my teachers especially including all of my students and clients which are all my greatest teachers!! As well as Tim Gallagher, Doris Collict, Natasha Kerry, Sivaroshan Sahathevan, Jay and Kestrel and Marcus Veda.

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