"I'm so happy I'm part of this. I think I might rerun them all  again next month..." Nadia Temani

"Feeling SO inspired even after just 10 days of 15 minute morning meditations with Josephine's Morning Miracle Club"Tilly berry

"I close my eyes, Josephine's beautiful voice guides me to go within. Her words makes me trust this journey and I feel so safe and loved. For 30 days Josephine's wonderful meditations, full of positivity and love guided me to awaken my heart! Being a member of her Morning Miracle Club was a great way to start the day in the highest vibration" Vanessa Roin

"The Miracle Club has truly been a new start for me. In just 4 weeks with Josie's comforting voice and beautiful storytelling I feel I have started a journey back to the core of my being with amazing changes in my energy levels and daily habits. My skin is brighter, I sleep better and I have started eating healthier and gone back to doing yoga again too! I can't wait to hear all of the meditations again" Dr. Kit Peiter Lund 

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Imagine starting your day in the most empowered way: setting your intentions for the day in full alignment with who you are and who you are becoming. Imagine feeling full of radiantly life energy and excited for how YOU can make a difference each and every day. Imagine seeing life for what it is: a classroom for our soul to explore and evolve. To rise and expand. Are YOU ready for the journey? Every day for 30 days we will come together every morning via our lovely whats app community. You will receive the recording at 6:30am each morning but don't worry if you cant join then- it's there for when ever you wake up. 

Investment fee: 30days * 30 guided morning miracle meditations to keep FOR LIFE = £100 (thats £3 per meditation less than one coffee a day- just saying, and even less if you keep up this amazing ritual for months and years after...

xxx Love Josephine 

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"It's incredible what 15 mins of meditation to the start of your day can do! It's inspiring, healing and helps put things into perspective. Doing this for 1month truly shows you what really matters "for you". Simply love everything about it,  but mainly how connected I feel afterwards, the energy is great & all this through a voice recording... you ask me how? It's Josie" Sophia Keijzer

"Josie has been a light in our lives, especially during these dark months. The Morning Miracle Club has changed our lives, along with our weekly yoga sessions. Thank you so much Josie you make the world a brighter place" Jessica Meekel

" Every morning, at the same time when I wake up at once I am full of love because I am going to listen to my girl:) The sweetest voice, the best start to my day. Lovely meditations with angels, far away planets, galaxies and I enjoy everything... Just from my heart to you Josephine: Thank you and just love. My clever, sweet sunshine girl, my ray of love...so tomorrow YES another adventure" Gini McGrail

"Thank you so much Josephine for letting us be part of The Morning Miracle Club. It was wonderful listening to your soothing and uplifting voice each morning and giving us so, so many beautiful images, music and things to think about. Your voice is wonderfully soothing and uplifting and each day brought another idea into our lives. Feeling so much gratitude and love each time" Fleur Poad

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