New meditation group beginning on THE NEXT FULL MOON 

Full moons are an incredibly powerful time to cleanse and let go.

The meditations will be sent out in the evening in a lovely Whats app group preparing you for a peaceful nights rest.

The evening and the night time is the beginning of the next day.

It is so important that we DECIDE to make evening time a sacred time - for our minds, bodies and hearts to release the day and heal everything we need. In order to move forward with grace and ease.

This is the full ritual of positive, conscious empowered living.

If you would like to join

‘The Evening Blessing’ a 30 day journey of cleansing, calming evening meditations to bathe you in peace and calm let me know by booking in below. Just like Morning Miracle Club all the meditations are pre recorded which means you can listen ANY time before you go to bed. And keep on returning to your favourite ones even after the 30 day course has finished:) 

Your investment in your health is your greatest wealth. Say YES to you. Say YES to embracing all that you are and all that you are becoming. 

I SEE you, and I LOVE you

Love Josephine

YES, I am ready to welcome in peace and grace 

Investment in your health: 30 beautiful evening meditations sent over 30 days yours for LIFE = £100 

(That's less than a coffee a day!) 

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