Charity Community Class 

Every wednesday at Yotopia ( I run a charity community class which is donation only. This class was originally set up to enable everyone regardless of finances to experience the medicine and power of yoga. Any donations are giving directly to the two charities i support: Ruddis Retreat (a children's cancer charity providing camper vans to families in need allowing them to spend some quality time with their children outside of hospital) and Project Love (a charity I created to help a family i met and stayed with just weeks before the first earthquake took place in Nepal in spring 2015). The class is focused on sharing. As students we come together and share our energy and intentions for the future, not just for ourselves but for those in need. As teachers we share our time, love and energy to better the world by giving up one hour of our time each week to teach for free. To give back what yoga so richly has given us. The class will be slightly different each time as its shared between my awesome yogi friends and myself. However every class will have a restorative feel to it: leaving you feeling centred and relaxed ready to continue your day in a more focused and mindful way.
This is a donations only class held in aid of children’s cancer charity Ruddi’s Retreat and Help Our Nepali Family and any donations are kindly appreciated and will be transferred DIRECTLY to these two charities at the end of each session.
This is how you know your participation really does make a difference. If you cant afford to pay thats also alright: just by being there with us it is already helping the children by spreading the awareness. The love for one another.
Project Love 
Ruddis Retreat

Our Nepali Family donating mosquito nets to their local communities.

Our Nepali Family donating materials and helping to rebuild their community.

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