For who?

Most of my events are booked by cooperate clients and includes Deloitte, Havas, Go Ahead Group, Immediate Media, Lululemon, Wolf & Badger, We Communications, GFT Financial, LATC, Network Homes, Continental Drifts, Red Cross, Tide, Teads, Houzz, Greene & Greene to name a few. However no matter how big or small your company or group I am always interested in hearing your ideas and wishes!!!


I am SUPER passionate about healthy living and how our everyday choices shape our life. All of my talks and workshops are rooted in my understanding that our MIND BODY and SPIRIT are all interconnected and for one to be healthy we need to look at all aspect of our being and lifestyle. What I see more and more in todays world is a deep longing for connection and authenticity, and through the media of these down to earth yet SUPER informative talks people walk away with tools and tips that help them find balance in every day REAL life. Often its all stuff they know- they just needed a kind reminder;)

What are they about?

Every talk is bespoke, however below are some examples of what most of my clients are enquiring for currently:

Digital Detox- Are we loosing connection?

Saying Yes- The art of committing

Stress Management

Relaxation techniques

Mindfulness for the real world

Rituals for positive living



Positive communication and body language

Gratitude is my attitude- Why it works

Positive thinking- How & why should we all be doing it?

How do you book one for your company?

Contact me here with ideas, number of attendees and date:

or even better call me: 07737689830

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