"For the first time in 2 years Catalina’s UK team got together F2F for an afternoon which included a session with Josie on “the power of positive thinking”. Josie’s energy was fantastic, she was highly animated and engaged the room of 30 people with her wit and real-life examples that we could all relate too.  The session was very thought provoking and powerful and flowed beautifully on from the company meeting which encouraged us all to have a growth mindset.  I’d highly recommend Josie and the session she provided"

Anna Seegers, Catalina

“Josephine recently hosted a Hygge seminar for our co-working space, Huddle. Not only did the workshop invite us to dive into Danish culture including lots of take aways to enrich your daily routine, Josephine was captivating and all our members went away with a spring in their step. I think we could have sat there and listened all day! A fully immersive experience that continually engaged us as an audience, I really couldn’t recommend more.”

Lynsey Coleman, Huddle

"I am so grateful to Josephine for sharing her knowledge, experience and pure joyful energy with my students! At English National Ballet School, as with many other elite training schools, our students work so hard physically to ensure they are strong, versatile dancers. However, our educational intent is to also develop ‘thinking dancers’, young people who are able to articulate how they are feeling and to equip them with the skills to take care of their mental health as well as their physical. Josie’s talks helped them to understand how and why their thoughts tend to work in a certain way, and to help them to understand that we can all change the way we think for the better. She also used her own background in dance to skilfully relate to their needs, anxieties, and to get them thinking about practical next steps beyond school." 

Rebecca Westgate, English National Ballet School

“We used Josephine McGrail through Joyful Living for a 60 minute workshop on “Maintaining Mental Health whilst Working from Home”. We had high attendance, over 50 employees across multiple offices across Europe, Middle East & Africa.  The session was well received and Josephine herself was very professional and highly engaging. The format and content was excellent, the tools and exercises were simple yet very effective. We would definitely recommend her and Joyful Living”

Victoria Simpson, FICO

‘Josephine McGrail ran a corporate event on digital detox recently. She delivered a great event, provided good tips and was very relatable. Interactions between her and the attendees where great and we received very positive feedback for this session. We highly recommend Josephine and hope to work with her again in the future’

Claire Galineau, Deloitte Llp

“I wanted to say thank you so much for arranging the different Feeling Fine sessions. Personally I have been dealing with an incredible amount of stress with the job loss of my partner and the subsequent visa issues, and Josephine's sessions have helped us both to take a breath and re-centre every week. I really appreciate this focus on mental health and the resources provided, thank you!” Trainline Employee

"Josephine brought a breath of fresh air to our wellness seminars -she truly tapped in to each individual and left us feeling not only motivated but empowered to take the next step." Tyana  Willams, Peoples Events Associate 


'We used Josephine for a wonderful workshop on Mindfulness - she used relevant examples which made for a useful and thoughtful practice for our staff. Thank you for turning this around so quickly for us! 

The Tram shed

“Josephine was really professional and delivered a great session about Positive Thinking. Was definitely needed to break up the working week and gave myself and the team a lot to reflect on. Only wish we could do sessions like this more often, as really helped to re-frame my mindset.”

Jasmine Coote, Rockitfish

‘Hi Josephine I just wanted to say a big thank you for the latest Trainline workshop you did on ‘The Importance Of Having Fun’.

 I couldn’t make it at the time but just caught up on the content and it was really excellent! I found the exercise / meditation really helpful in gaining better definition as to the things that I find ‘fun’ and that I should prioritise more in my life. Looking forward to Part II / the next instalment…’

Andrew Forbes, Trainline

For who?

Most of my events are booked by corporate clients and includes EY, Deloitte, Nexus, Havas, Mortimer House, Soho House, The Tramshed,  Go Ahead Group, Trainline, Immediate Media, Lululemon, Wolf & Badger, We Communications, GFT Financial, LATC, Network Homes, Continental Drifts, Red Cross, Tide, Teads, Houzz, Checkout.com, Greene & Greene, Mental Health First Aid England, PMI, FICO , PolyAl  to name a few. However no matter how big or small your company or group I am always interested in hearing your ideas and wishes!!!


I am SUPER passionate about healthy living and how our everyday choices shape our life. All of my talks and workshops are rooted in my understanding that our MIND BODY and SPIRIT are all interconnected and for one to be healthy we need to look at all aspects of our being and lifestyle. What I see more and more in todays world is a deep longing for connection and authenticity, and through the media of these down to earth yet SUPER informative talks people walk away with tools and tips that help them find balance in every day REAL life. Often its all stuff they know- they just needed a kind reminder;)

What are they about?

Every talk is bespoke, however below are some examples of what most of my clients are enquiring for currently:

How to Hygge

Positive Living

Unblocking Creativity

Creating A Life You Love

Embodying Resilience

Finding Balance

Digital Detox- Are We Loosing Connection?

Saying Yes- The Beauty Of Committing

Managing Stress & Anxiety - From Coping To Thriving 

Relaxation Techniques

Mindfulness For The Real World

Rituals For Positive Living

The Science  Of Sleep

Positive Communication and Body language

Gratitude Is My Attitude- Why it works

Positive thinking- How & Why Should We All Be Doing It?

How do you book one for your team?

Contact me here with ideas, number of attendees and date:


or even better call me: 07737689830

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