Sessions take place at Neals Yard Therapy Rooms or London Bridge

Intuitive Healing

Whether Im working with a person  a group, or a place I work intuitively using the highest source of all: LOVE

Using the ancient wisdom of the heart this allows me to take you on a deep personal, journey that releases tension, stress and stagnant energy which could have been build up and imprinted in your body for years. Leaving you feeling refreshed and energised. 

The healing starts when YOU decide it is time!!!

As we all consist of all of the elements such as space, air, fire, water and earth I work and collaborate with these to restore balance and vitality to your mind, body and spirit.

Purifiying any areas that may have become stagnant: Allowing life force and flow back into your life.

On a practical level this may involve:

Gentle mobilising movement
Breathe Work
Acupressure massage 
Essential Oils

At some point I will ask you to lie down comfortably as I start to talk you through a deep relaxation.
It is only when we are fully relaxed that our bodies are able to heal.
This is what I help you discover and connect to:


Please note that each session is uniquely customised for YOUR OPTIMAL healing so this format may well change with you, from session to session. Providing you with exactly whats is needed. Each time.

For your Growth and Healing,

                                         With Love Josephine

For group, couples and house sessions contact me for prices

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Ps. Read "How Josie Healed My House" (Published Articles) and/or read my blog "Clear Your Home Heal Your Life" to find out how clearing your home benefits ALL areas of your life.. even to the point of attracting the right people into your life.

Shamanic Healing

Nature is my medicine. Always has been and always will be. As we are literally made up of all of the elements it only makes sense to return back to those very elements when we are needing to heal something. Where ever I go I feel into my surroundings: does it feel uplifting or draining? Is there sadness or even anger here? Just as certain people will trigger

different emotions inside you so does Nature. When I work I do so hand in hand with the earth, the waters, the sun, the air and the space. I am guided and protected. Everything else fades out into the background. Only here and now exists. And there is a huge FLOW of energy moving through me. All I do is simply to allow it to guide me.

All I do is STEP out of the way. And let spirit/higher self/universe/God/love whatever you want to name “it” do the work.

I guess you can say I am a white whitch dressed as a fashionista but with both feet firmly grounded into mother earth.”

Essentially it works like this:

We will have a short talk about you and where your at in your life presently.

Then we will look at where you want to be and why you chose to come!

Finally all you need to do is simply lie down and relax as the healing energy starts to move through you.

During the healing I may use breathe work, guided visualisation and mindfulness meditations, sounds and voice work, gentle acupressure massage/manipulation of the connective tissue (fascia) of the body to encourage flow of energy to heal and restore.

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