The Morning Miracle 

is a beautiful, guided self help book to help you become more you. It takes place over 30 days with each chapter bringing a new theme to your day together with a simple morning ritual and meditation to inspire you and setting you up for a successful day ahead. It takes you on a journey deep into the centre of your being and helps you to identify and heal old patterns and blockages. It is written in a modern, down to earth language with the intention of reaching readers from all across the planet with its informal tone and yet powerful teachings and affirmations. With this book I hope to inspire all of us to remember our purpose, our worth and our light: that we are all made from the Stars, Sun and Moon. That we ALL carry the seeds of divinity within our hearts and that we are never alone but that we are all one.
From my heart to yours, with the deepest gratitude and trust in your souls evolution,

Love Josephine

"Dear YOU,
With this book I invite you to become your own greatest cheerleader. Guiding you into a 30day journey full of beautiful morning rituals for deep healing and transformation. Each and every morning we will get together and set our intention for the day ahead. Every morning I will be there guiding you and supporting you. Why? Because YOU deserve this. Because YOU, now more than ever before, are ready for LOVE, HEALING and INSPIRATION to enter your life. So my love, what are you waiting for? Pick up your pen and let's get started. Aweee Im SOO excited!!! YOU are already starting to shift and shake.... what a journey we are about to go on!
Get ready to transform!

Whatever is in your heart The Morning Miracle will help and guide you to bring it out. This book is for you who has been searching and longing for meaning, and who is finally ready to take charge and come ‘home’. It takes great courage to admit we feel lost- it takes even more POWER to reclaim our worth!"

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