I created this wonderful healing technique over the past two years: combining the ancient science of Ayurveda with acupressure facial massage, crystals and visualisation. Using essential oils to rejuvenate mind, body and spirit I guide you on a journey creating a safe space for you to deeply relax and let go.
The principal of the session is not new however...

It has a fascinating story of our tribal ancestors and dates back to prehistoric times where (especially) women would

come together and take turns to give and receive a soul treatment in the form of facial massage to one another. This was (and still is) thought of not as something to merely provide joy and pleasure: it was seen as part of everyday life and a much needed ritual that was medicine for spirit, mind, body and soul.

Sounds good?

It is!!!!

I would LOVE for you to experience the benefit for yourself and/or a loved one which includes:


- As I help your body to relax you are able to let go of the old storiers; memories and experiences that are no longer serving you.

- Creating space for the new ahead.

- Your face has energy lines to all of our history everything that makes you who you are. By applying pressure and using scents you will gently be able to heal any past hurt or grief that may have been blocking you for truly stand in your power and create the life you deserve and want.


- Stress Relief
- Deep Relaxation
- A Sense of focus
- Realignment & Invigorating


- Detoxing
- Purifying
- Nourishing
- Calming


- Promotes collagen production
- Anti ageing
- Releases and soothes old patterns including mental as well as physical signs of ageing

Sessions can be held at your home or in my treatment room in London Bridge.     


1 hour £120

1,5hrs £160

                        TO BOOK contact me on 07737689830 / josephinemcgrail@icloud.com 

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