The Healing Power Of Sound & How To Harness It!

In Ubud, Bali i recently had the huge pleasure of experiencing the wonderful sound healer Shervin Boloorian and his group. Outdoors in a beautiful wooden yoga shala about 100 of us were lying on the floor, covered by blankets, taking in the medicine of our sound journey. Sometimes we would sing with them sometimes we would just ease into a state of deep relaxation as they found their way through and in between us, playing their sacred instruments, praying or singing. It all became a blur of colours and feelings, thoughts coming and going moving in and out. The pauses, spaces in between, became more and more frequent and my mind finally started to surrender into this serene and surreal experience. I was just allowing it all to happen. I felt my heart gently whispering; trust, trust trust. And then suddenly it was all over- when i thought it had been 20mins it turned out we had been going for over 2hrs! What happened i thought?! As we all started to return back into the room the whole atmosphere had changed into an energy of deep sincerity and compassion. People were hugging, gently nodding.. some just sat in beautiful stillness eyes still shut. “This is it”echoed my heart. This is what we all have the capacity and ability to consciously create and experience. As a collective as well as an individual. This is peace. This is love. So! You may think this is all good and well but how do I a regular, sceptical person living in the big hub of busy citylife really understand or even try to incorporate this into my own life? For me the answer is simple. Sound is an energy ie it has frequency. And frequency is something we can measure! This all of a sudden turns something that can sound (hehe!) esoteric into science!! This means we can actually come to know the different frequencies that we surround ourselves with daily: of the wind as it blows the leaves around, the ocean as it hits the shore, the fire as it crackles, the stones as they rub against one another….. And then lets imagine that we can create our own sounds using either instruments or our voice to match those exact same frequencies. What we have then is instant healing sounds that we can download onto our phones and use anywhere- even on the tube. Now how cool would it be if we knew what frequency the heart has you could be asking? Well the awesome news is we do!!! Our heart resonates on the frequency of 432 this is incredible knowledge as this means by listening to sounds that has that similar vibration (frequency) we are now able to bring harmony back into our heart!!!! Moreover, and this really blew my mind hence why i am BEYOND excited about sharing this with you right now: Shervin says that out of ALL of the possible sounds that we can create through instruments or digital music the most healing sound for us humans to be exposed to is still the sound of the HUMAN VOICE!!!! How incredible is this!!! And so i found myself a few days ago telling my friend that my next blog would be about the healing powers of sound and then that very day i was told by two different people about the youtube clip of a young man chanting a huge OM to his little baby who then falls asleep straight away is if by magic!!! The truth is sound has since the beginning of time, in all traditions played a huge role especially in the stories about our creation how it all started: the Christians have the WORD, the Yogi’s the OM, the scientists the BIG BANG and so it continues. Furthermore what is also such an important factor of why sound really works is that it works on a level where the brain cant get in the way; by the time the sound has travelled into your system it has already done its healing job before the mind had the chance to interfere by telling its opinion about the sound!!! I use alot of sound as part of my intuitive healing sessions and i love them more and more for every day that goes by knowing that whether my client truly believes in the same ways that i see the world or not, the sounds are always there doing their incredible work. If you would like to experience Shervin have a look on his website:   


He will also be touring around Europe this summer and im planning to run a workshop with him in august so be sure to check out my website if your interested:


And for the chanting man youtube link see: 


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