My Yoga Story

 At the age of 12 I was a promising student at The Royal Danish Ballet. Every day I woke up thanking God that I had been chosen to do this wonderful job. However due to the high performance pressure every time we had a day off or even worse  an entire week/month i would mentally completely beat myself up for NOT staying in shape and keeping up my level.This inner turmoult sent waves of self destruction through me and I was impossible to be around. At the height of this I “fell” over an article in my mums magazine about something called Power Yoga. I immediately LOVED the word power so called them up pretending to be older than I was so I could attend the class. I went that very day and actually felt really bored during the practice however when we reached Shavasana (corpse pose) something happened!! A weird sense of relaxation mixed with this loud voice saying: “It is OK to just BE. You are loved always have been and always will be” It had such a profound effect on me I didnt want to leave that space!!! And in that moment I knew that one day I would be that teacher helping others to find their space. It was as if everything else: peoples opinions, the strict expectations, the pressure of it all vanished as I lay there. There was just breathe and flow. 

Throughout my entire dancing & modelling career yoga was always my salvation it was the ONE place where I could retreat to and reconnect to my true identity which is love. Unconditional love to myself and everyone else. 

So today when I come to class and I feel people competing Im always sad!!! This is the safe space I wanna shout!!! Do this for YOU and forget about anyone else!!!!

Yoga has given me so much and continues to open my heart and mind in ways I once would never have been able to imagine. 

Without Yoga I would still have been shouting horrible words at myself and the waves of self destruction would have been unbearable for myself as well as others.

Yoga is there for you and me and everyone for now and ever… If you want it!

Love xxx Josephine

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