“How to Spring Clean”

Spring is finally here!! It’s the time of year when the days get warmer and longer by the minute. When the daffodils and bluebells are having a ball and the birds seem to chirp even sweeter than ever…And its SUCH a contrast to what we just came from : winter is a time where we draw in and down. Where we contemplate the year gone by and store energy by stilling our body and mind.

Instead we are now embarking on a new and entirely different kind of journey as the energy is now an upward and outward pull towards a brighter future full of sunshine and vibrant vitality. But before we can fly we must learn how to walk. We must prepare the foundation for the next ahead by simply creating space…and thats excatly what doing a Spring Clean is all about. Just as our ancesters did we now naturally feel an URGE to clean our houses, dust the cobwebs away and let the light shine in. We throw out the old flowers and bring new ones back from the forrest or garden.We may even go through our wardrobes and go out and buy some new clothes which reminds us that summer and GOOD things are coming our way:) But how about our bodies and minds? Dont they also deserve a little TLC? The best way to get ready for a new season , which essentially symbolises new beginnings, is to take some time out for YOU. Yes you heard me; by getting some much needed YOUTIME a new flow of energy arises. But dont worry I’m with you all the way and here is how it is done:

Simply sit down and honour what took place for you during the winter. A powerful, nourishing ritual is to follow the 3 steps below. All you will need is a pen, paper and matches. 

1 Write down a list of anything you would like to let go of

2 Write down another list of everything you feel grateful for

3 Finally write down what you would like to bring in

Now take list nr 1 with you outdoors and announce loudly and proudly: “I NOW RELEASE MY PAST”, then either tear it apart with your hands or simply set fire to it (cautiously of course). As the old disperses into ashes feel yourself feeling lighter and more spacious as you have conciously released what is no longer serving you.

Then pick up list nr 2 and confidently announce: “I ATTRACT ONLY POSITIVE PEOPLE PLACES AND SPACES AND THIS IS MY TESTIMENT” then continue to slowly read out loud everything you feel grateful for, feeling and sensing what this does to your innerself as you do so.

Feel free to hang this on your wall to remind yourself of your own power to create your desired reality.

Finally take list nr 3 and place it onto your heart. Close your eyes and really allow all these new energies to sink in. Feel that every single thing you wrote down here is already inside of you like little seeds starting to sprout and grow. Blossoming inside of you. Take a deep breathe in holding your intention for your spring chapter and as you exhale feel your wishes flying out in all directions carried by the winds to each and every corner of the world. Bringing you back what you need the most…

After this you can either “plant” the list into the fresh soil visualising you planting your intentions into mother earth: “ I NOW PLANT THE SEED OF…. (your 1st,2ndetc wish) 


You can place it underneath your bed cushion. Relaxing into the comfort of knowing that you have set the tone for the spring ahead and that every night and day the universe is working to bring into your being what you asked for.

Whether you follow my suggestions or create your own completely unique Spring Clean rituals make sure you do something! Even just 15 mins is enough! What matters is that YOU decide to take ACTION! Remember that in the end of the day the only one that truly knows what is right for you is YOU. YOU are the only one that can make YOU happy;)

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Finally your always welcome to contact me for a personal “Spring Clean” session. Check out Jane’s experience here: “How Josie Healed My House”

With all my love for your souls evolution,

                                                         XXX Josephine 

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