“When The Unlovable Starts Loving”

That voice inside your head stopping you from going to that party/interview/family get together/ adventure travel? Telling you AGAIN that you wont make it because your not good/wise/loveable/beautiful/old/young/skinny/fat etc etc enough?
When we get right down to the bones of things we can say that in life we are either moving out of fear or out of love/desire… 
We can seemingly live perfectly “happy” lives continuing our running away from or towards something. However! If you are driven by fear (like most of us) you will burn out!! And it is not a question of how but only when! 
If I was to tell you right now that there is another way to live your life. A way that involves living in alignment with your true nature. That allows you to choose and make every day one where you feel more content and more in control of your own happiness and destiny. What would you say?“Hell Yeah!!! Give me some of that please!! With some extra joy on top please”????
Great! Then hear me out:
Since the day you were conceived- not just born- YOU were brought here to DELIVER and EXPERIENCE love through all level of existence: Spirituallymentallyemotionally physicallyThrough ALL of your senses a constant stream of PRESENCE is constantly being brought to you, moving through you. This is the energy of light and love. 
“Ok”? you say. “And just what do I do with this information”?
If you allow yourself- at least for amoment- to fully embrace this fact:“I was born to deliver and experience LOVE through all levels of existence”
Perhaps even say it a few times out loud!!!
Notice how this makes you feel.
How does your skin feel as you say these words? How do your hips feel?How does your heart and your gut feel?
Announce them even louder!!!!
Then close your eyes and place your hands onto your belly.
Breathe. Repeat. Breathe. Repeat.
“I was born to deliver and experience LOVE through all level of existence”
Then gently open your eyes and notice if something has shifted? Perhaps there is a little peace and calmness in the mind? Perhaps there is a deep sense of RECOGNITION and resonance in the heart?
“But how do I hold onto this feeling”? you may ask! “Life is SUPER busy and my brain is CONSTANTLY buzzing me around like a bee!”
The truth is your mind is only repeating what ever it has heard before! So for years your brain has circulated and recycled the same words! Words that may well only ever have been spoken once in your lifetime!!! And very likely those words werent even “really” meant for you… lets take a closer look:
Your parents are facing financial difficulties and start arguying alot. You as a little child wonder into one of these arguments and both your parents stop and look angrily at you while they shout:“Why cant you just leave us alone”!?Now you as an adult understands that those hurtful words were just another by product of your parents exhaustion and desperation. That it had absolutely nothing to do with them not loving or caring about you or anything along those lines!!!
However your inner child got deeply wounded and consciously or subconsciously chose to repeat those words well up until THIS MOMENT: “Why cant YOU just leave us alone= I am Unlovable = I am worthless = I should stay away = I am a worry and burden to everyone around me…. etc etc
Now repeat your newly heard words again:“I was born to DELIVER and EXPERIENCE Love though all levels of existence”
Write them down and place them on your mirror, by your bed, in your purse, in your notebook, on your tshirt, as a post it…. whereever and whatever takes your fancy!!!
Allow these new words to be what fuels your life. Allow yourself to experience moving from a place of LOVE and see what happens…
Next time something triggers you, stop for a moment, close your eyes, feel your heart and repeat these words again and again.
What you are doing is creating new pathways in the brain. You are actually creating a new reality for yourself!!!:))))
“That sounds like hard work” you may think?Well, you have been exhausting yourself by repeating negative statements about yourself for eons so perhaps putting in a little effort towards a MAGNIFICENT, BRIGHT and F* AWESOME future where YOU feel full of energy and love, excitement and enthusiasm about yourself, others and life?!!!
Surely thats worth it;)!!!
Time to stop that eternal internal negative chatter.Time to live freely and fully. Time to MOVE from Love.
You become LOVABLE the day YOU start LOVING, HOURNERING and CELEBRATING yourself.
When does that day come? Thats up to you;)!!!

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