"Journey Through The 7 Chakras"

March 25th Earth & Root April 8th Water & Emotions May 6th Fire & Self esteem June 3rd Air & Heart 

July 15th Sound & Communication August 5th Light & Intuition September 2nd Space & Connection 

2018 @ Yotopia, Covent Garden 

Join me on a 7 month journey through the 7 chakras- our major energy centres that connects and guides us throughout our life.
Allow yourself to set aside time just for YOU.
Come to explore your energy bodies each weekend as we weave and wave our way from the root which is our foundation and Earth connection all the way up the spine to the crown where we receive information through our inner wifi system... ALL THE TIME.
Each weekend will explore an entire chakra; its purpose and function. How to know when it is out of balance and how to regain balance and health using vitalising yoga asanas, breathe work, visualisation as well as experiences that can be found in Nature.
At the end of the 7months you will also receive an entire booklet containing all
the information and tools you may use in your everyday life so that YOU can enjoy LOVE, health and wealth every day of the year.
The question is simply:
Is it time for you?

More info:
Our 7 energy centres have for centuries been used as a gateway to access our inner strengths; providing us with a profound understanding of ourself.
If one decides to embark on this journey inwards towards self discovery, self understanding, self compassion it must be told that the doors that will open are unlimited.
We travel in the outer world consistently, when in fact if only we could travel as much in the inner world so much more would be revealed to us.... This workshop is one of those opportunities for YOU to deepen your practise towards inner awareness. To allow yourself to take a step back, close your eyes and just let go...
During the workshop we will aim to bridge the ordinary with the extra ordinary, linking the past and the future to the present moment. Landing right here where we are today.
Through sound, breath, asana practise and meditation we will explore different tools to help connect us to each of the seven qualities that exist within us all, waiting to be unlocked...
The seven chakras (energy centres) are seven beautiful, immensely powerful keys that helps us not only to realise ourselves but to fully empower and embody your destiny.
We all products of our past. How you choose to live your life TODAY lies with you.


March 25th Earth & Root

The beginning. Working with grounding and letting go. A releasing & nourishing experience including alot of slow, yin poses.

April 8th Water & Emotions

Finding and exploring flow and ease. Working with spirals to detoxify and repattern our mind and body. Gentle vinyasa practice.

May 6th Fire & Self esteem

Strong dynamic session. Identify inner strength. Prepare to take action!!;) Yoga asana practice to find your centre and expand your energy field.

June 3rd Air & Heart

Using restorative yoga to open front body and focus on quality of breathe. How to let in what we need and let go of what we dont. Pranayama and visualisations.

July 15th Sound & Communication

Throat chakra, sounds and the power of chosing our words and how we communicate how deepest wishes and desires. Mantra & chanting work.

August 5th Light & Intuition

Subtle work. Trusting our gut. Deep listening. Developing our third eye connection that bridges the outer and inner realities. Working with your guardian angels/ spirit animals/ guides/higher self.

September 2nd Space & Connection

The final work. Bringing it all together. Culmination of all of the energies:
earth, water, fire, air, sound, light and space.
Learning how to connect outwards whilst staying rooted.
The crown is being placed.
Mindfulness practice.

Your investment:

Buy 7 pay for 6 (get one free)
or buy multiple courses and get 10% off
Each workshop costs £25

Book directly with Yotopia: www.yotopia.co.uk

"Love Yourself First"

7th of April 10-11am The Ned

Is it time to love yourself?

If your eyes have caught this sentence the answer is most likely yes! A BIG asskicking YES!    

This heart centred yoga flow workshop is ALL about moving from the heart instead of the head. Cultivating intuition, feeling and primal instincts through guided breathe, visualisations and yoga asanas .

Starting at the earth, building momentum into a fire flow and finishing with restorative yoga you will leave feeling both revitalised and balanced in mind, body and spirit. Ready to take on the world but with your feet firmly grounded.

Open to all levels.

Date 07.04.18 

Time 10-11:30am

Venue The Ned

Spring Clean- with YOGAIA + MANDUKA

21st of April ONLINE workshop

Join me for my first ONLINE workshop with YOGAIA + MANDUKA. As we flow through the asanas they will work as access points through which we enter into our more subtle energy bodies. Here we will work with letting go of what is no longer serving us thus creating space for the new to enter. Spring is the PERFECT time to start a fresh: in the natural world surrounding us everything is starting to grow and bloom from the bluebells to the cherry blossoms. When we decide to work with and utilise this powerful energy we not only connect back to our roots we find ourselves fully supported which then enables us to move forward in a more grounded and mature way; allowing us to reach far beyond the limits and illusions of the sky above us."

Open to ALL levels from the "spring yogi" to the "winter sage";)

April 21st 

1month FREE online Yoga membership with voucher code : JOSEPHINEYOGAIA

Women's Mind, Body & Soul

5th of may 2:30-4pm Shoreditch House

Living in todays world where the “power words” (!) seem to be: Do More! Be More! Run Faster! Show Them! Earn More! It is not an easy task to embrace our femininity. To balance our fierceness and our nurturing aspects; the warrior and the goddess.

This workshop is the first of many: as It is my intention to start this up as a monthly event. A place where we can gather, draw in and support one another. “When women come together something magical happens. A healing energy is created and everyone receives what they need.” 

5th of May 2:30-4pm @ Shoreditch House 

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