Embodying Resilience

When life happens it is easy to feel overwhelmed! This talk sets you up with amazing tools on how to go from coping to thriving. 

Date 21.07 6-8pm 
Venue: London Bridge (due to Covid location may change to online if needs be!)  
Cost: £50
In this wonderful inclusive talk we learn how to identify stress & resilience as equals to one another not opposites. Understanding just how closely these two are related we can start to move from a space of coping into thriving.   
Experience how changing your perspective creates a more empowering life.
When we know what triggers us including how, when and where it happens, we can make a clear plan of action so we know what to do when we are right in the middle of it.
Learn simple yet powerful tools to help you rise and ride the wave. Walk away not a different person but definitely a lighter and brighter person:)
What you need to bring: your lovely self, a note book and your favourite pen.

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Global Gathering 

Come and join us on the first day of month to invite in all that you need and more.

Next one: July the 1st on Instagram Live (via Stories)
Time 6:30pm (UK)
Fee: Donation via paypal tinderbell@hotmail.com

Together we will open with a wonderful brief meditation, collectively set an intention for ourselves and the our beautiful Mother Earth, have some
time to just BE with one another, welcome in this NEW month and all the wonderful healing energy it brings. You will also have an opportunity to voice how your feeling , be listened to and lean into the support of our GLOBAL Community.
Finally we will finish with a closing prayer and wish everyone a beautiful healing month ahead.
To join simply put the date and time in your diary and join me through Instagram at 6:30pm on the 1st of the month (via my stories). Request to join when your there if you would like to voice/share anything that's on your mind or in your heart.
So much love to you dear soul xxx Josephine

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