The Power Of Positive Thinking

May 25th 6:30-7:30pm in person + on Zoom

Learn HOW and WHY we can all benefit from Positive Thinking. Using every day tools we can go from impossible to I'M POSSIBLE:)

With a down to earth approach find out how the power of your mind literally shapes your entire life. Understand how to utilise this powerful tool for your advantage: helping you to easily overcome any blockages and fears.Start to embody new positive beliefs systems and enjoy your life transforming.

Workshop take aways:

# The background history- scientifically proven results of WHY positive thinking works

# The now: HOW do we do it in everyday life?

# Going forward: How do we stick with it/ What to do when the sh* hits the fan?

How will attending this workshop benefit you: as we change our focus, our entire life changes for the better including better energy levels, clearer focus and attention spam and above all quality of life. This workshop will encourage us all to take a closer look at what we give our focus and energy to, how to make choices that are aligned with our hearts and going forward knowing when to say yes and when to say no.

Price £35


How To Harness The Power Of Now

22nd of June 6:30-7:30pm in person + on Zoom

Discover how to tap into the immense power of the present: the NOW holds the keys to your success - on all levels

Learn easy to follow, every day tools to help you stay present and to truly harness the potentiality that the NOW holds for us. Every. Single. Moment.

Come to understand that YOU are truly the creator of your own destiny and through this powerful realisation walk away with a deeper sense of clarity, confidence and trust that everything- whatever you are currently facing- is OK. That everything is indeed "figureoutable"

Our ancestors knew that the secret to happiness, contentment and success was to be found inside, in the here and now, and now this wisdom will be yours.

This is an informal wonderful evening of inspiration, joy and an opportunity to explore your own inner world and belief systems.

Come with an open mind and a desire to learn:)


Radical Self Love- Why it changes everything

July 27th 6:30-7:30pm in person + on Zoom

Everything we do in life is either from a space of fear or a space of love. Discover how to consciously shift out of fear and victim mode.

This is Josephine's most popular workshop to date!

In her own words "once we truly understand that we are loved because we are LOVE everything changes- how we see the world, the decisions we make, the relationships we go into, how we spend our every hour. The sad thing is most people never realise this powerful truth on a cellular level; through the wisdom of the heart."

She has made it her life's work to help others empower and uplift themselves using every day easy to implement tools.

In this beautiful workshop you will be given a 5 step plan to help you reconnect to your highest power which is always available to you RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW.

You will also have the option to ask Josephine any questions you might have ensuring that you leave feeling inspired, focused and empowered to take your next steps in the journey of your heart.

Love Lives In You

Price £35


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