'Sacred Heart' Retreat

A weekend of connection, yoga and love

11-13th of September  2020

A weekend nestled away in the beautiful hills of the fairytale landscapes of Sussex. A time to reflect and nourish, go for wonderful walks in the woods or simply cosy up with a big book in our beautiful country home. Oh and yes YOGA, MEDITATION, HEALING, ENERGY WORK IN NATURE INCLUDING ANCIENT TRANSFORMATIONAL RITUALS + YUMMIE VEGAN SOUL FOOD;)
You in?!!! Book now to reserve your space. Im ONLY bringing 8 people this time to maintain the intimate vibe.

Prices start from £350

Come away with me for a wonderful restorative weekend!!

Ready to book/ for all enquiries contact: josephinemcgrail@icloud.com

                              Love Josephine

Located down a private drive and situated in a beautiful setting with glorious views, our home for the weekend: Sandbanks will provide us with a very nourishing and accommodating atmosphere. In an area of "Outstanding Natural Beauty" it is the perfect location for exploring gardens, vineyards and National Trust properties. Robertsbridge and Brightling stations are within 2.4 miles and Bodiam Castle just over 4 miles. The historic town of Battle is 3 miles away and the coast just 9 miles. This is the beginning of our 'Sacred Heart Retreat' now are you ready to hear more...?

When was the last time you made time for YOU? The beautiful YOU that exists when your eyes are closed and noone is watching? The YOU that feels more, senses more, knows more and ALWAYS wants whats BEST for you?Hmmm not sure?Usually we dont because the MIND gets in the way!! It tells us to DO more BE more... tells us that who we are right now is not enough and that if we dont hurry we will all get lost behind as old news....Hmmm how does THAT make you feel? Inadequate? Unloveable? Fearful? Ok! What are YOU going to do about it?Allow your mind to take over and literally keep you running your entire life... or are you finally ready to SHOUT STOPPPPPPP!! With all your might and strength!!! I KNOW YOU deserve this break away from everyday madness of everyday mindstuff!!! Why??? Because YOU are an incredible human being with HUGE big beautiful heart and a wonderful soul that are both just waiting to BRING YOU HOME.Why me you think? Because as YOU decided to continue reading these lines something inside you has already started to shift and open up.... something inside you is HUNGRY for change and for LOVE.

Allow these gentle words to ease your mind and FEEL into how it makes your body relax... simply repeat after me:“What if being KIND could change everything”.... “What if being KIND could change everything”.... keep going.... thats it feel your shoulders relaxing.... “What if being KIND could change everything”.... notice how your heart softens and your belly gently lets go of worries and tension....

From my heart right into YOURS I wish you could see what I see; how magnificent YOU ARE!!! How you were born magnificent and how you will die magnificent just by BEING YOU!!!

How does it feel as you hear me say these words? Yes Im speaking to YOU directly!!!
You are ready to make this next BIG step my love, you were born ready and NOW is YOUR time to let go of all those old voices telling you to think small and play it safe. Telling you that you are nothing but a tiny person and that you shouldnt shine your light too brightly!!! 
If you have continued to read ALL this way down now I KNOW you are urging to make this transformation. I KNOW deep in my heart of hearts that YOU are being called from your higher self/soul self/the divine/God/the universe. Whatever name you want to call it. The point is:in a persons life there comes a point when we have the power to transform ALL that is no longer serving us. This point is now.
Come to shift away the old and embrace YOUR RADIANT TRUE SELF!!!

I love you, have always loved you and will always love you. Dear one xxxxx

Whats included?

4X Yoga classes (restorative & flow)

4X Guided meditations to soothe the mind and soul 

1X Sacred Heart Energy work in Nature

4X Delicious vegan meals:

                 11th Dinner 

                 12th Brunch, Snacks & Dinner

                 13th Brunch, Snacks 

Lots of FREE time to roam in the surrounding hills, go for a lovely walk or simply cosy up in the comfortable sofas with a good book. 

Nourishing Vegan Soul Food by Carolina Rodriguez from the

 Plant Academy London

Carolina Rodrigues is a mastermind in terms of food. Starting her career in art history this artistic flare carries through to her life and work in food design.  Having  put this eye for design into action she has most recently brought concepts to life from Cambodia to Qatar and now in London an Paris with an ever evolving wealth of experience.

Always with meticulous detail Carolina specialises concept evolution and has an gift for seeing opportunity. Our Plant Academy experiences of supported by Carolinas quick thinking and passion for acting outside of the box.

 Carolina trained with Matthew Kenney culinary, Hoffman and many more. With a thirst for knowledge and eye for detail she is here to make dreams happen.

Whats not included?

Intuitive Healing Sessions (£120 please book in advance)

Aromatherapy & Crystal facials (£80 please book in advance)

Transport easy train ride from London to Robersbridge or Brightling, then taxi from there.

Or free parking at the house.


Mountfield Lane Sandbanks

East Sussex, England TN32
United Kingdom

Directions by car:

Follow SatNav to TN32 5JY. This will bring you to just before our entrance. The end of our drive has a white painted wall and is signposted The Banks. There is also a red post box at the end of the drive.
Come up the drive and Sandbanks is the second house you come to.

Directions by train:

Transport easy train ride from London to Robersbridge or Brightling, then taxi from there.


Double room shared £350 pp *

Double room private £700 pp *

Double room with en suite bathroom shared £375pp*

Double room with en suite bathroom private £750pp*

Single room private £500 pp*

* Please note that these fees are non refundable.

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