I work intuitively using the ancient wisdom of the heart: this allows me to take you on a deep personal, journey that releases tension, stress and stagnant energy which could have been build up and imprinted in your body for years. Leaving you feeling refreshed and energised.
The healing energy i channel works on many levels and each session will provide you with exactly what you need at that moment in time. Sessions can be held in your own home or at mine in Belsize Park, North London.

"- Extremely relaxing during the session.
- I was able to drift away and be in a calm place between awake and asleep.
- Instant good feeling through my body after.
- I have noticed a feeling of being weightless and a lot calmer over the days following
- Destressed and a strong sense of where I want to go and what I want to do.
- Get a feeling of a fresh start
Thank you so much for the time you spent with me I truly appreciate it. You are very gifted xx"
By Georgina Walker

" I chose to have the healing today because of some deep rooted feelings that I had been carrying around self worth, self acceptance, trust and forgiveness. I was made to feel completely at ease before the session, we spoke about particular things that I wanted to work on and crying was encouraged!
The healing itself was beautiful and personalised I was made to feel safe and secure throughout. Afterwards there was an oppertunity to explore the journey, from both of our perspectives, and I've felt a deep sense of calm and peace since."

By Kasia Gwilliam

"Josephine McGrail began her house clearing, or more accurately her house healing, by asking me to write a story for my house – a new story of what I wanted it to become. I am used to setting intentions for my life, but the idea of creating one for my home seemed strange. I trusted Josie completely, though. Having known her as a caring and powerful yoga teacher, I had experienced how her work gently but firmly helping us to face the shadow self had brought in the bright light of transformation.
Stale, even bad energy hangs around in dirty, dark crowded places in ourselves, but also in our houses, it seems. Mine had plenty of shadows. It needs somewhere to hide, shrinking from the light. Josie lightly pointed out that the pile of carpentry under my bed might not be bringing me the best night-time calm, as she almost danced around the house. Gesturing at a photo of my ex here and a cluttered corner there, she was like a magician creating change and magic as she walked.
Josie's main tool was her drum, which she beat joyfully and instinctively as she traversed my house and garden, ending with an invocation to the skies. I followed her, slightly confused but mostly entranced. Together we formed a mini pageant that so delighted me I was oblivious to any attention from my neighbours. The vibration of the drum created a clearing that appeared to lead to a big shift of the feel of the space, but it was not the only instrument in Josie's bag of tricks. It included wild herbs, thoughtfully picked and brought back from a recent trip to Spain especially for the purpose and some beautiful stones she felt inspired to bring me.
How often do we give our homes love or attention? We may attend to its physical, immediate needs by fixing a leaking pipe or painting a wall, but how often do we show it gentleness, a quiet focus or an abstract tending? If our homes are a reflection of ourselves, I quickly realised, with quiet horror, that mine had been severely neglected. My house, like me was crying out for some internal breathing space and was in dire need of some love.
When Josie had got me to write a love letter to my house – a statement of intent, of what I wanted it to be and to bring in but also what I wanted to get rid of, I was surprised. Surprised not only at some of the things I wrote but also at how healing it felt to put my desires for the place I called home into words and somehow into physical reality. The whole process felt like a house clearing of the metaphysical rather than the physical, of the psychic rather than the actual space.
As part of the home healing, I read the words of my story on the steps of my house. Standing there on the threshold, speaking my wishes like some kind of prayer felt both humbling and empowering. And this is part of the wonder of what Josie does – she helps you, as all good healers, to participate in the process so that you and her create the healing together.
This is generous and also clever: long after she was gone I felt the force of what she had created with me, and deep confidence that I could continue this work, this process myself. I am thankful to Josie to have learnt that just as we can constantly reinvent and reimagine ourselves, we can continue to reinvent the spaces we live in – with attention and love. Importantly, just as we can heal our bodies, minds and souls, we can heal our homes – and indeed perhaps even have a duty to do so"
By Jane Egginton

"I have healing for relaxation and balance. I feel your treatment alleviates anxiety and restores calm. I love the strength of the oils and the music you use transcends me to another place and sometimes I even fall asleep. I defintely feel calmer and restored after the treatment and as you know the best thing is your facial massage you seem to do it better than anyone else. I love it. I think you use the right pressure and know exactly the points to persue and I think your voice is also very pleasant and calming and contributes well to our sessions: I love the way you say the word heart!!!
You are a good practioner that i would recommend."
By Ilana Taub

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