I work intuitively using the ancient wisdom of the heart: this allows me to take you on a deep personal,  journey that releases tension, stress and stagnant energy which could have been build up and imprinted in your body for years. Leaving you feeling refreshed and energised.
The healing energy i channel works on many levels and each session will provide you with exactly what you need at that moment in time. Sessions can be held in your own home or at mine in Belsize Park, North London. 

"- Extremely relaxing during the session. 
- I was able to drift away and be in a calm place between awake and asleep.
- Instant good feeling through my body after.
- I have noticed a feeling of being weightless and a lot calmer over the days following
- Destressed and a strong sense of where I want to go and what I want to do.
- Get a feeling of a fresh start
Thank you so much for the time you spent with me I truly appreciate it. You are very gifted xx" 
                                                                 By Georgina Walker

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