"Something for the senses- An evening of aromatherapy and restorative yoga”

23rd of July 7-8pm 

Neals Yard Therapy Rooms,
Neals yard Covent Garden

Due to the success of last years events Im SO delighted to announce that we will be continuing our aromatherapy + restorative yoga workshops throughout 2019:) Whether you are a newbie or been using oils for ages there will be something for you:

I have teamed up with Neals Yard Therapy Rooms to create an evening of BLISS for YOU.

An evening where all you have to do is simply lie back, relax and enjoy... As you allow yourself to receive the smell, the story and the feeling of 5 sacred essential oils I will guide you on a journey deep into the centre of you...

This is a unique opportunity for you to connect in a loving, compassionate way to your inner being- the person you are when your eyes are closed. Many of us are afraid of spending time with ourself, scared that what/who we may meet may not “like or approve” of us. Scared we may get bored. May find ourself boring! Feel guilty of making time for us. Feel ashamed of prioritising ourself over family/work/friends... This evening is for all of us who has an URGE and a longing to simply just BE. It will be an ocean of relaxation mixed with beautiful scents, gentle breathe work and powerful guided visualisation.

I have created this event for you to explore your own piece of Eden. It is an invitation from your soul/higher self/ heart to journey within. To learn to spend time with you... We enter this earth alone. And we will leave this earth alone. Perhaps its about time we start to enjoy our own space?

With Love and Light for your souls evolution  xxx Josephine

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at Mortimer House the 24th of Aug 10-4pm (option to come later/leave earlier)

                                       “Late Summer Refresh; Living with the seasons”

When we are fully open for changes on all levels we experience elevation, a sense of being held and carried by the flow of life.Come and revitalise your mind, body and spirit by (re)connecting to your own inner nature as well as the seasons’, practicing intelligent movement, mindfully guided visualisation, powerful affirmations and sharing in a safe community.“It is through the love of the wind and the wisdom of the moon that the Earth knows her way to spin”

                                                                                                                                                                           Nordic Sisters

Get ready to fly!!


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