Aromatherapy: The Potent Powers of Plants

Date 03.03.20 
Time 6-7pm
Address 61 Grange Road flat 408 (my home)
London SE1 3BB

For this beautiful workshop Im opening the doors to our home in London Bridge!!! 

A down to earth introduction to the wonderful world of essential oils. Learn how to use them in everyday life to supercharge your energy:)

Everything we are surrounded by is nature; the moon, the sun, the earth, the water the fire the air and the space. All of these dance around each other at all times- almost like the stars... The more we allow and celebrate NATURE the more balanced we become. Start to pay special attention to our wonderful plants... notice their colours, texture and smell and taste (for some;)! Aromatherapy is one of mans oldest medicines and one that I personally cherish the most. If you come to any of my sessions you will know the incredible impact the scents have not only on yourself but literally on the entire space itself. Aromatherapy sets the tone- whether we want to energize, detoxify or ground and stabilize. In this workshop you will learn how to use these powerful oils in everyday life to nourish and support you on all levels- mentally emotionally and physically. You will also have the opportunity to make your own body scrub that you can take home with you - helping you to start off your own aromatherapy journey.

Any questions just ask!

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Urban Day Retreat w/Nordic Sisters Vol 4

DATE 16.05.20

Time 10am - 2pm

Venue Mortimer House


Right in the heart of London’s Fitzrovia in the most tranquil of settings – The Loft + Gallery at Mortimer House - will be our beautiful venue for our day retreat.

Tickets include Yoga + Meditation+Healing @10AM followed by House Brunch @12PM (finishes around 2pm)

‘Highly recommend the Nordic sisters unique yoga and meditation experience: an energizing journey themed by the transition of seasons and enhanced by sound and scent. Expect to walk away feeling fresh and grounded.’ Paul Van D

This special day is for YOU who wish to realign with, and learn how to let yourself be guided by nature's ever changing rhythms. In May we move from Spring into Summer and just as Nature is getting bolder and more out going in her wild blossoms so are we!! Come and ease away the winds and excitement of Spring to gently ground yourself into the softness and vitality of Summers FIRE & POWER. Come to bring YOU back to YOU....

Revitalise with Ida’s powerful, beautiful and original flows and Josie’s calming soothing yin and guided visualisations. Followed on by amazing brunch from the kitchen at Mortimer House - we CAN'T wait!!!


....Followed by YUMMIE brunch mhmmm

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